A Rough Start

by strassur

Don’t read this if trauma makes you sick.

I recently started this blog with the strongest intentions, deep from the caverns of my heart, topped with passion and motivation. I was gonna make entries on the progress on my own written work, and document literary critiques on pieces that I have read. After making my first entry, and smiling the entire time, I had an elective surgery that no man wants to attend, but greatly assists in population control.

Three days later when I should have been sitting on a bag o peas with my feet up while my children played kings aid, my wife tried to break up a dog fight and ended up with a near pinky amputation. A few hours later she was being put out and having her hand reconstructed for three hours. Many stitches and a few pins and screws later she was able to sleep off the meds in the recovery room for a few days. She is doing well now but still has trouble doing many things one armed, which is understandable. If only it twas a flesh wound and she twere the black knight.

So, here I am now, late and trying to catch up as usual. I do wish her a speedy recovery and feel bad about her hand.