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Month: October, 2012

Febreeze: Fact or Folklore

I recently did a study (yeah, like today) on a product some people swear by, and others have yet to discover. Yup, I am talking about the ever famous Febreeze. Febreezeis a spray that eliminates 99.9% of odor causing bacteria’s. But did you know, in 1999 the famous Procter & Gamble product came under fire. The allegation: Febreezewas responsible for killing many household pets. Uh oh, Cedra, stand clear. So I looked into it and according to the National Animal Poison Control Center (take a breath), there is no evidence of foul play. The concern is the zinc chloride (which is supposedly harmful to pets) and that it uses aerosol propellants (which pose a danger to many types of birds). No kidding. So the ever understanding P & G came out with a new and improved version in 1998 without zinc chloride and used pump action to spray the scented aroma. I think it is common sense. Don’t use Febreeze as a Binaca replacement on your dog, and never spray your bird while in flight. Let us stick to using the antimicrobial spray on our couches, vehicle upholstery and our bed mattresses. In addition to this factual study, local folklore believes Febreeze, when used frequently on the mattress, is a natural tractor beam for relationships (unknown if short or long term). As long as you don’t get crazy with your meadow and rain or linen and sky scented spray, the results can only be positive.


Killer Marshmallows

I think we would all agree that a golf ball launched at 100 mph could kill someone if it struck them in the head. Ouch! Well a golf ball weighs 48 grams, and a marshmallow weighs 4.6 grams. And I am talking the large bon fire ones, not the little pea shooter type. So how fast would a marshmallow have to be launched to kill someone? Let me tell you, because I am nerd (and I like physics). For a marshmallow to be launched at the same kinetic energy as a golf ball traveling 100 mph, you would need, say a marshmallow slingshot, with the capabilities of launching those chewy treats at 1043 mph. Oh yeah. So if you are frolicking around the beach taking pot shots at random passerby’s, make sure your launcher is not to powerful. Who knows, you may end up killing someone….but I doubt it. Have fun.