Killer Marshmallows

by strassur

I think we would all agree that a golf ball launched at 100 mph could kill someone if it struck them in the head. Ouch! Well a golf ball weighs 48 grams, and a marshmallow weighs 4.6 grams. And I am talking the large bon fire ones, not the little pea shooter type. So how fast would a marshmallow have to be launched to kill someone? Let me tell you, because I am nerd (and I like physics). For a marshmallow to be launched at the same kinetic energy as a golf ball traveling 100 mph, you would need, say a marshmallow slingshot, with the capabilities of launching those chewy treats at 1043 mph. Oh yeah. So if you are frolicking around the beach taking pot shots at random passerby’s, make sure your launcher is not to powerful. Who knows, you may end up killing someone….but I doubt it. Have fun.