Shannara the Movie? Nay!

by strassur

When writing the post about the Annotated Sword of Shannara anniversary edition I was reminded about a rumor I heard awhile back that a Shannara movie was in the works. I did a little searching, actually Google did, and found some info. Apparently Warner Bros. had purchased option from Terry brooks in about 2007 once they saw how cool Peter Jackson’s film adaptation of Fellowship of the Ring looked, with today’s amazing technology and CGI stuff.

A script was worked on and actors were eyeballed, but nothing ever emerged. According to the option was returned to Brooks in August 2010. It would seem to me that a Shannara movie would be epic to see on the big screen, but perhaps there was already enough drama with the theory that Brooks copied Tolkien to closely in his adventures. It’s not uncommon for an aspiring author to write something similar to the powerhouse writer they wish to emulate and aspire to become.

With the Shannara movie slain before it’s creation, many Brooks fan were saddened to the point of relying on free to play MMO’s and comic book bundle packs to get by. There is, however, a possible alternate route on the horizon. Brooks wrote in a January 2012 blog that Warner Bros. bought the option to his Landover series, starting with the first book, Magic Kingdom For Sale-Sold!

I have not read his series yet, but after hearing this news I felt as though it was a must. Unfortunately, my local giant bookseller was sold out the other night. Hmmmmmm, maybe someone beat me to it. If anyone has read this series, please drop me a note and let me know what you thought. Until then, I will keep looking for it.