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Month: December, 2012

Only for Posers, the Artistic Kind

I received a digital copy and was interested in reviewing Art Models 7 due to my photography enjoyment and me being a go-to person amongst my friends and coworkers as the book recommender. It is most likely the format that I download, but the pages were scrambled and only 1 out of 10 are actually visible. The few I was able to see would be a great reference for any artist when crafting the human image.

There seems to be such a wide variety to chose from, including props and unusual poses like one of a person casting a magical spell. From what I can tell, this book would be a must for anyone with a creative mind that plans on putting their mental image to paper or canvas or clay. I would recommend this to my friends. Just a quick blurb, but I wanted to share this with everyone.

Art Models 7: Dynamic Figures for the Visual Arts (Art Models series)


To Arms! A Graphic Novel Review

Reading a fiction story is a great way to escape reality, discover new lands, and experience a tale as visioned by a great author. I love fiction, but at times I want to experience something a little closer to home, something within my world, either modern or in the past. This is where my love of historical fiction began, and reading of tales of action packed ancient spear swinging Chinese warriors in the Han Dynasty is a great experience. And when we want to view the story through the eyes of the creator instead of our own imagination, a graphic novel is a great form of media to read.

One recent graphic novel I read was Legends From China: Three Kingdoms Vol. 1 by Wi Dong Chen, author of Monkey King. His action packed story is about several clan leader’s attempt to rescue an empower and restore their kingdom from an over zealous tyrant. Aided by three tough bannerless warriors, artist Xiao Long Liang captures the authors image as beautiful scenery is the setting while intricately crafted armor and weapons are wielded. The master plan to save the day quickly begins to crumble as each clan leaders own ambitious twist to the war causes inner turmoil. Will the clans reunite and fight as one, or will their own separation continue to destroy a great land?

Overall a great story. The translation was pretty good aside from a very few cases that still did not take away from the story. The only problem I had was at times keeping up with the many characters, all of whom had names very foreign to me being unfamiliar with the Chinese language. Occasionally I was required to slide back a few pages to confirm who was being talked about or when I had heard the name before. If you’re a fan of historical fiction or other graphic novels such as Lonewolf and Cub, then you should enjoy the first installment of this new series, Legends From China. I would give it 7 out of 10 tankards of fine ale.


Three Kingdoms 01: Heros and Chaos (Legends from China: Three Kingdoms)