Response to my Writing Prompt

by strassur

Here is the paragraph I wrote in response to my prompt given on the AFK podcast:

The crowds thundering roar quickly changed from an encouraging cheer to low tone
grunt of mock pain. Pravius lay motionless on his back. Pain surged through his
body that spiked in rhythm with his beating heart, darkness nearly enveloping
his face. He breathed hard as his warm air moved within the enclosed space,
echoing off the inner walls of his leather lined helmet. The familiar musty
smell of sweat and aged hide filled his nostrils, confirming he was still alive.
Suddenly, his faceplate was opened by his team, allowing a flood of light to
splash in, forcing his eyes to squint hard as they adjusted. He could feel
pieces of armor being removed as he glanced up noticing a rider and horse trot
by dressed in heavy armor that nearly reflected the faces of the crowd. A deep
scarlet red cloth bordered with gold trim covered the saddle and flanks of the
war horse. A matching banner flew gracefully atop a shattered wooden lance, its
colors flowing softly away from the splintered shard from which attached.
Pravius could see his opponent grinning down at him in triumph as he passed,
circling the small arena in victory.