Parkour Your Way To Fitness

by strassur

  I recently have been experiencing a growing passion for Parkour. For those who haven’t heard of Parkour, it’s an exhilerating method of running, jumping and climbing to most efficiently overcome obstacles. It requires lots of balance, strength and mental confidence to perform, but can be started by anyone at any fitness level. I am not in as great of shape as when I was in the Marine Corps years ago, and with life being very busy, good old fitness can easily be pushed to the back burner. Parkour has rekindled my desire to get back into shape and get outside.  

I have been running 4 days a week now and started some Parkour training a few times per week, which for me includes presicion jumps, balancing exercises and lots of calasthenics. I love watching Youtube videos by the Tapp brothers and by Ronnies Shalvis. Those guys are amazing and inspiring. A vault box may be near in my future for home training as well.  

I will keep you all posted on my progress and even post some pictures or videos as I go, but any feedback or advice is gratefully accepted. I may never get to freerunning and large drops, buts presicion jumps and awesome vaults is a great way to encourage my fitness.